Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Things About Me

1. My full name is Araena (pronounced A RAE NA) Eva Sanchez

2. I was named after my great-grandmother ‘Eva’. I appreciate all that I have learned from her. I also carry a tremendous sadness that the relationship we both shared while she was alive was neither a pleasant nor a very happy one.

3. My birthday is April 21, 1976, and I am a very stubborn Taurus!

4. No one ever believes me when I tell them my real age is 35. At times, this can be quite annoying. I am often treated like some punk- assed stupid kid by adults who are usually younger than me, but look old and used.

5. I really love frogs! They are my most favorite animal, especially Tree Frogs.

6. Blue is my favorite color.

7. I love to write music, poetry, stories, and anything else that will fuck with your head, or tickle your fancy!

9. My mother is Black (African American). My father is from Puerto Rico and came to the U.S as a young boy. I am very proud to be a 'Mixed Race Girl'!

10. I feel embarrassed that ‘Yo Hablo Espanol un pequito’ (I speak a little bit of Spanish).

11. My mother is gay. I was introduced to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community while I was still in the womb!

12. I have officially declared myself Pescetarian. (Pesce means fish). I do not eat anything with fur, four legs, or feathers. I eat lots of veggies, fruit, and things that can swim…and yes, that does include sea roaches, bottom feeders, and scavengers.

13. When I was little my favorite doll was The Incredible Hulk.

14. From 7th grade until 9th grade I was bullied by a girl that was about 300lbs. She reminded me of a gigantic ‘Chunky’  bar, loaded with nuts and raisins. 9th grade was when I finally grew some balls and said “Fuck you, I’m taking a fucking bite you big assed bitch!” She never fucked with me again.