Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy's Little Monster

There are many special moments when Twiggy is not wolfing out that have become treasures of my heart. There was this touching moment we both shared while I was helping her with her home-work yesterday.(Yes, six year olds do homework these days!) 

Although it has been almost a year since my last performance,  I still have some 'Araena' merchandise left over to sell and/ or give away. Twiggy just so happened to find one of my pins and was really happy about this.

She picked up the pin and slowly examined it as if  it once belonged to the royal monster Lady GaGa, but it wasn't Lady GaGa's pin. It was mine. I am just mommy.

Twiggy smiled her sweetest smile with her big buggy brown eyes and said, "Mom, can I have this?" I lit up in a fuzzy way that I have never lit up before. 

"You really want it?" I asked.  Twiggy then replied "I want to keep it so you'll be with me all the time". 

In her eyes I am her Lady Gaga plus way more. No matter what, Twiggy will always be Mommy's Little Monster.