Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interview with Twiggy

This is the latest interview with my daughter Twiggy.  She has been quite fascinated with my little pocket hand held tape recorder lately. This is how the interview went:
Me:    What’s your name?

Twiggy:    Twiggy

Me:    And what’s your favorite color?

Twiggy:    Pink and purple

Me:    how old are you?

Twiggy:    Six …in a month

Me:   (laughs) You’re not six in a month, you just turned six! When’s your birthday?

Twiggy:     March 13th

Me:    What’s your zodiac sign? (I whisper to her ‘Pisces’)

Twiggy:    Pisces!

Me:    What kind of music do you like to listen to? Name some groups.

Twiggy:    Rock!

Me:    What kind of rock?

Twiggy:    Joan Jett, Lady Gaga

Me:    Lady Gaga is Pop

Twiggy:    So! (smiles)

Me:    Name some Rock

Twiggy:    Joan Jett, The Clash

Me:    Good one! They’re Punk Rock!  What else?

Twiggy:    David Funk! (giggles)

Me:    David Funk? (more silly giggles)  David who?

Twiggy:    David Punk! 

Me:    David Punk? Wrong answer! (we are really giggling now!)

Twiggy:    My favorite Barbie movie is Barbie Diary. Are you recording? I wanna hear it!

Me:    What other kinds of music do you like?  You mentioned Lady GaGa, she’s very cool.

Twiggy:  I like Pop…

Me:    You like a lot of cool stuff

Twiggy:    What about Daft Punk?

Me:    Daft punk is very cool!    And what kind of movies do you like to watch?

Twiggy:    I like Barbie!  I like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse!

Me:    That’s a really cool show! What kind of movies do you like?

Twiggy:    Diary of a Wimpy kid

Me:   That was good …it was really funny!

Twiggy:    Yeah, it was so funny.  The girl sat on his head!  That was the funny part!  (giggles)  The girl beat him up in Kindergarten! And my favorite Barbie is Mariposa.

Me: What kinds of things do you like to do besides play with Barbie?

Twiggy:  I like games! Candy Land, Catch the Mouse, and uhhhh… I like baking.

Me:    What do you like to bake?

Twiggy:    Make it Bake it!

Me:  Make it Bake it is fun!

Twiggy:   Can we do Make it Bake it for Family night tonight?