Monday, April 4, 2011

Growing up, I had this dream of becoming a Rock Star, a Writer, and an extraordinary creative Artist. Never has this dream ever included a hectic life of fame, just simply one of balance: success doing what I love, spirituality, and happiness.
Today, I am on the brink of turning 35. I share my life with my beautiful daughter, 'Twiggy'. She is extremely funny, artistic, creative, imaginative, and a total fashionista! Her alter-ego is extremely strong willed, sometimes very difficult, and totally sassy! She is a six year old, rebellious, mini me. Her obsession with Lady Gaga is very similar to my obsession with Madonna when I was her age, it's mind-blowing.

Making the decision to pursue a career in music was indeed a tough one. It has left me extremely heart-broken, often torn between the music world and the 'Good Parent'one. In a nutshell, it is an incredibly nasty and seriously demanding business. Balancing motherhood and a musical career while maintaining some type of job in the 'working class world' has kicked my ass up down left right and frelling sideways, no doubt about it. The heat is on and my ass is totally on fire! I am not getting any younger. I have decided to put plan B into action. I am totally scared.

Does being a parent mean that my life is over? Not necessarily. It just means that my life has drastically changed. I grapple so much with accepting this new life every day, this constant struggle to create balance. I strive to be a dedicated, strict yet so loving mother in a world that I often find so strange, and struggle to live in. I struggle to find success as an artist.